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Welcome to Native Eats!

Let us bring the farmer's market to your door!

We are helping local New England farmers and small businesses deliver their quality products to your home...

...Hi! We're Mark and Kim Signor. Thanks for checking out Native Eats, we are so happy you're here! This service is something that genuinely started and grew out of people coming together in a time of need, and completely took us in an unexpected direction. We connect local New England sustainable farms, fishermen, producers, and businesses with the community to get their quality goods to your door.


Most of the business that sustains Native Eat's farmers traditionally came through local restaurants — some of the same ones Mark personally worked in or owned over the past 30 years. When restaurants shut down in March of 2020, we discovered that these farms lost a place to sell their harvests. We offered to help our friends by ordering food for our home and shared the opportunity with neighbors and family; who in turn created neighborhood ordering groups. The community came together very quickly!


During the uncertain times, entering a store can be an uncomfortable experience, supplies can be scarce, and the joy of dining out has changed. Wearing a mask is not comfortable for everyone, nor is standing in line, and there has been some concern over food shortages. We have all come to appreciate the simple things in life as we adjust to different ways. 


During those weeks of being quarantined inside, we loved sharing the taste of the sea that is so vivid in cold, fresh oysters that were pulled from the water that morning! Similarly, browning up organic mushrooms to top a pan seared local steak restored a much needed sense of connection and contentment that we usually got from a night out to dinner. It truly makes us happy to be able to bring the finest restaurant products to our community, and the community is so happy helping local farms...its a perfect match.


Whether stocking up the freezer, learning to shuck an oyster, or creating new masterpieces, this connection between farm and family is bringing joy. We feel very grateful for the access to these lovely products and to be able to share them with you to create high quality meals in the comfort of your home.


The farmers have been beyond grateful to have your support, and excited about a new avenue in distribution of their well-loved foods. Thank you so much!


Thank you for joining the Native Eats community!

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