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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Where do you deliver?
We are a small, family business. We deliver to Southeastern CT and Southern RI. Please check out our About Us page to see if your area is on our list. Please ask us to deliver to you as we are always adding new neighborhoods and zip codes to our routes.
When should I order?
~You may order anytime. HOWEVER, the website is updated each Monday.
~Orders for the upcoming weekend must be in by Wednesday @ 3pm.
~Because we drive to each farm every week, we must have this cut-off in order to collect all of your items before the weekend.
~Orders received after our specified time on Wednesday can not be guaranteed for the current week delivery, and may be held for the following week's delivery.

~We ask that you sign up to join, so you can automatically receive updates.
HOWEVER, you are always welcome to text us at 860-306-0844 to see if we can manage to support your order, fit you in, or get you something special. If it is within our ability and accessibility we will be happy to add on and accommodate. 
How do I order?

Order by 3pm on Wednesday for weekend delivery.

Add items to your cart and submit...Payment will NOT be required upon submission. We will send an invoice after we have gathered your food so we can properly weigh it.

Delivery can be expected on:

*Friday afternoon for Rhode Island, & North Stonington, CT customers.

*Delivery on Saturday morning to afternoon for CT customers including Stonington, Mystic, & towns in New London & Middlesex Counties.

*Please plan to leave a cooler outside on your delivery day, this way we can drop and go efficiently.

*We will contact you about delivery once we establish our route for the weekend. We plan our delivery route the night before we deliver. Once we deliver to you a couple of times you will have the general idea of the day/time range for your area as it is usually similar. *Always feel comfortable reaching out to ask … right now there are just two of us, and we are happy to help. Delivery Exceptions are made where helpful or necessary.

860-306-0844 /

What is your delivery fee?
We charge a small fee to account for the cost we incur to collect from farms and deliver our products. Fee is based on your address as it relates to our location in North Stonington. When you fill your cart you will see a selection box for your proximity to North Stonington, ranging from $4-$10.
The check-out invoice is just a rough draft, we will make corrections to weights, quantities or delivery fee where necessary. Thanks!
Do you sell or provide a cooler?
No, not yet. But can you please leave a cooler out for us on the morning of your delivery day? Make sure it is large enough for what you have ordered, and has ice if weather is not cold enough to keep your goodies nice and cold. We want your food to be super fresh and keeping it cold is key. Try to leave it out before you leave the house, or well before your order is expected so that we can quickly drop and go. If your order is expected in the morning, you should leave it out the night before. If order is expected during the day or evening, try to put it out 1-2 hours before our estimated arrival...morning is best so you dont have to think about it. :)
Can I return my egg cartons and delivery boxes?
Absolutely! We love to support any low impact on the earth and reusing boxes is beneficial to the trees, the farmers and us. We deliver some items in mushroom boxes, and if yours can be used again we greatly appreciate getting them back. The egg farmers have asked the same.
We do put our seafood and meats in plastic bags at this time as we do not have another way to protect the different foods or hold leaks. But we are open to new ideas and hope to learn new ways!
Why cant I pay when I order?
We order from several different farms and small businesses, We do not have a warehouse so we individually place your orders and pick up in the same week. Super fresh! We receive what the farm provides for us on pick up day. Your total is adjusted  based on the actual weight of your items (just like a grocery store).
Sometimes we get more orders for a product than a farm has in supply for all of their venues, or we need correct a charge. For these reasons we must make adjustments to the final invoice before we send it to you. We send your invoice usually on Sundays for payment with Venmo, or you can pay cash or check upon delivery.
Answers to more of your questions coming under construction
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