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Farmtrue Auyurvedic Products, North Stonington, CT

This luxurious Ayurvedic oil is made from a blend of nourishing oils and herbs.

Comes in a large size 8 oz. Jar with an added pump for easy application.

Choose from:

*Revive - Lemonbalm & Tulsi - formulated with lighter oils and infused with invigorating herbs that help revive the body and mind and help alleviate the heavy, damp qualities of the spring season or Kapha Dosha. Revive oil is balancing if you are feeling: heavy, sluggish, lethargic, uninspired, cold.

*Ground - Vanilla, Vetiver, & Citrus - formulated with heavier oils and infused with calming herbs that deeply nourish the body and mind and alleviate light, dry, and cold qualities of the fall/winter season, or Vata dosha. Ground oil is balancing if you are feeling: restless, depleted, cold, and dry.

*Refresh - Blue tansy & Lavender - Formulated with cooling oils and infused with Ayurvedic herbs that help soothe body and mind and alleviate the heat and intensity of a summer or pitta dosha. Refresh oil is balancing if you are feeling: hot, agitated, and dry.

This oil is a special, hydrating treat after the shower, shaving legs, or just as special treatment on arms and backs of hands...the smell is so soothing to the mood!  Longlasting 8 oz. Jar

Farmtrue Ayurvedic Body Oil

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