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Sweet Grass Farm, Preston, CT. 

Smooth, creamy, indulgent whole milk yogurt from happy, pasture-raised jersey cows. Our fruit on the bottom yogurts are crafted with all-natural real fruit, minimum sugar, and no artificial preservatives.

Gently pasteurized, non-homogenized, all-natural milk from our pasture raised Jersey cows. All-natural - no artificial ingredients, stabilizers, or preservatives.

Choose from:

Blueberry, Strawberry, Very Berry, Blackberry, Maple, Peach Melba, Raspberry,
Apple Pie

What our customers have said:

"Excellent" "Wonderful" "So creamy, it's like it is whipped"

"The best yogurt I have tried"

Fruit Creamline Yogurt, Sweet GrassCreamery

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