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Craftsman Cliff Roasters, Historic Downtown Norwich, CT

Organic, small-batch roasted, single origin, Fair Trade coffees from around the world.

12 oz. bag 

*Please click to select your:

-coffee variety

-whole bean or ground,

-and let us know your brew method.


Whats the difference in who roasts a coffee, or where is comes from?

Have you heard of Craftsman Cliff Roasters? Well, take note...his name is Matthew Dutrumble, and Cliff is ...(more) Click to read about this roaster.


This coffee is grown and roasted with pure love! You can feel good that you are not only supporting local, but supporting small global organic farmers.

Craftsman Cliff's uses NO chemicals from growth & harvest to decaffination & roasting. Matthew uses the all natural Swiss Water Method for his decaf, so you can drink a cup of coffee that you can trust. 

Organic Fair Trade Coffee, Craftsman Cliff Roasters

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