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Have You Heard of Craftsman Cliff?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Have you heard of Craftsman Cliff Roasters? Well, take note...his name is Matthew Dutrumble, and Cliff is his well respected, attention to detail Dad (the craftsman). The logo is a drawing of Cliff himself back in the day!

Matthew has a degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales (RI) and lived for 20 years in San Francisco pursuing his culinary passions. As such, he fell in love with the precise culinary art of brewing coffee. Something most of us do not consider when we sip away...are we drinking coffee just to wake up, or is there something much more beautiful here? He has developed an immense respect for the bean; it's country of origin, the rainforest, and villagers who care for the plants from seed to harvest, the necessity for organic practices and fair trade farming, and a deep compassion for why small farmers are so important. He and his crew are a perfect match for Native Eats!

In moving back to the East Coast, Matthew wanted to bring that craft back to where he started to help create a more connected community..nothing better than a cup of joe to make you feel right at home with your neighbors. Matthew's knowledge, connection to the very scientific specifics of the process, and attention to each delicious detail of chemical change shows he is not just a brewer, he is more a master (a coffee somellier of sorts) in other words he knows this process in a way I have never experienced first hand.

Like wine, coffee varies depending on the climate and soil, etc. where they grow. The proper environmental practices are vital to the local wildlfe and sustainability of an ecosystem. Matthew beleives that it is important to pay the extra to the farmers who grow responsibly so they can do the right thing, also so they can earn a little more than enough to simply put food on their table. He's just a great guy and his coffee is purchased and roasted with pure love!

Craftsman Cliff's uses NO chemicals from growth & harvest to decaffeination & roasting... yes, the typical coffee decaffeination process uses harmful chemicals to remove caffine from the bean - you shouldn't put that into your body. Matthew uses the all natural Swiss Water Method for his decafination, a sort of osmosis technique, so you can drink a cup of coffee that you can trust is healthy for you. In case youre still thinking that coffee is bad for you (from that same literature that said all fat is bad for you), it is quite the opposite. Coffee has thousands of bioactive beneficial phytochemicals that can help protect you from the onset of Chronic disease. Maybe its the chemically treated decaf or the pesticide sprayed commercial coffee that can cause harm, but natural organic coffee is part of the "food is medicine" crowd. And, what a comforting way to take your medicine.

If the thought of yourself holding a hot (or cold) cup of this delicious (small craft micro brew, organic, single origin, locally roasted) coffee first thing in the morning isn't enough to get you revved up for a happy day, they also make their own CHOCOLATE! Yes, in full Willy Wonka splendor...wrapped in gold foil, Matthew says "everyone deserves a golden ticket". Finally, our chance to win!

It appears as though he may be the only roasting business in the US that is micro-crafting coffee AND chocolate. He feels the two go hand-in-hand, and certainly they are two of the best smells you can have in your workplace! It is the same love for the magic of the coffee bean that brought Matthew to fall for Cacao, the delightful bean that is the natural base in real chocolate. Matthew went straight to the historical heart of chocolate making to learn the process in Oaxaca, Mexico. The cacao beans are also organic and sourced raw. They are roasted on site at Craftsman Cliff's and the nibs are then removed from the husk and ground "melanged" and tempered into a creamy lovliness, and poured into big, perfect bars just for you. Can you just see your day getting brighter when you crack off a square of this chocolate, while sipping on your coffee? All I will need is a sunny window seat and all is heavenly!

As a sidenote, this coffee and chocolate can also be found in another favorite farm producer's products from Sweet Grass Creamery. They use Craftsman Cliff's coffee in their Coffee Milk, and their real chocolate in their local, grassfed chocolate milk...quite likely the best chocolate milk you may ever try!!

We are so proud to have Craftsman Cliff Roasters onboard, they are perfect for Native Eats...they embody the beleif in community - that we all hold eachother up by supporting one-another, they care to do the right thing for nature and humanity, they are super knowlegable and passionate about great food and beverages, and bonus...super kind and fun to talk to! If you're ever walking by the shop, poke your head inside for a delightful deep sniff and say hello!

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