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Sweet Grass Creamery, Preston, CT. Creamline Pasture-Raised Milk

Naturally Flavored Pint-Sized Flavored Milk

Great for  Kids lunch box, Work lunch, Car travel, or Cooler beverage for Boat, Beach, Hikes & Ski trips.

Select your flavor

*-Coffee Milk (real fair-trade organic coffee - Craftsman Cliff Roasters)
*-Chocolate Milk (real fair-trade organic cocoa - Craftsman Cliff Roasters) No Syrup!

*-Maple Milk (local pure maple syrup – Broad Brook Sugar House)

* New additions: Caramel Milk & Mocha Milk

Also available in quart size!

*Please recycle

Creamline Flavored Milk Pints, Sweet Grass Creamery

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